April 30, 2008

Who said Twitter is nerdy?: A discourse between allergy-plagued Twitter-ers

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I thought I’d share this silly exchange between @skalik, @JamesConnors, @LaurieShuls and myself.

Plenty of people consider Twitter quite the nerdy medium, and I tend to disagree. Obviously only the coolest will engage in constant communication, sharing information freely at will. We are social! And social = awesome.

Are we nerdy? Hardly.

…It’s only coincidence that we also use Twitter to talk about our allergy problems and various remedies like nasal spray. Really. Coincidence.


Allergy Twitter Conversation Repcor


March 25, 2008

Social Media is changing the news biz, thanks to “The Hills”

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A very cool thing happened to me that furthers my belief that SM is the future of media relations, and to ignore this phenomenon would be a horrible mistake! So… why do I say this now?

Last night I was on Twitter and I noticed two of my friends having a conversation about the season premier of the wonderfully vapid show, “The Hills.” I piped in and said this:

repcor: @pamelump and @amandagravel the hills is my guilty pleasure. I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks.

A simple tweet, right?

Well! Immediately after, I got an e-mail from New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter, who said he was using Twitter Map to contact fans of “The Hills” for a blog post about the season 3 premier.

I responded right away (of course, after I had finished watching the show) and told him what I thought of it.

Here’s the result: You Decode: The Highlights of The Hills (New York Times Blog “TV Decorder”)

I’m the second quote from the top! (My friend Amanda Gravel has a comment two below me.)

The media is getting smarter, and I think Stelter’s idea was incredibly creative. He gave “normal people” the chance to offer their two cents while featuring a specific SM tool. Perhaps this was a collaboration with NYT and Twitter?

Either way, I think it’s fantastic and I am proud to have been a part of it!