April 29, 2008

Podcast Projects: “Social Media Celebrity 101” + “Social Media Release”

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My social media PR class (and college as I know it) is almost over! One of my class’ final projects was a team podcast, and I thought I’d share my group’s work. It’s a pretty goofy and simple video on how to become a social media celebrity. It’s fun.

Also, here’s an example done by my classmate Pamela and her group. It’s a smart commentary on the Social Media Release, and I’m really impressed by the obvious thoughtfulness that went into their piece. Also, I thought including it might balance out the blatent sillyness of my group’s podcast. I think you’ll enjoy both.

My group’s project: “Social Media Celebrity 101”
(Try not to laugh at me too much. I’m a singer, not an actress.)

Pamela’s group’s project: “Advantages of the Social Media Release


April 22, 2008

New blog idea: Social media + music. Thoughts?

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Many people don’t know that I started college as a music major. It’s true. I wanted to to be either a movie score composer or a super star. One year and a giant reality check later, I decided to pursue PR. Best decision ever.

Sarah Gordon

After I retired music from a professional ambition to a hobby, (a cappella singing keeps me sane!) I’ve wondered how I’d be able to keep my passion an active part of my life. Is there a way to combine my professional ambitions with my love for the arts?

Which brings me to this: I’m thinking about starting a new blog that would be fusion of music and social media topics. As a musician and art lover, I feel like there would be plenty to write about, from music videos going viral, MySpace Music, American Idol-like competitions on YouTube, etc.

My question is, would people enjoy that? I really would like to find a space where I’d have plenty to contribute.

Thoughts? What social media/music sites do you already read? What would you like to see on a blog like this?

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