April 22, 2008

New blog idea: Social media + music. Thoughts?

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Many people don’t know that I started college as a music major. It’s true. I wanted to to be either a movie score composer or a super star. One year and a giant reality check later, I decided to pursue PR. Best decision ever.

Sarah Gordon

After I retired music from a professional ambition to a hobby, (a cappella singing keeps me sane!) I’ve wondered how I’d be able to keep my passion an active part of my life. Is there a way to combine my professional ambitions with my love for the arts?

Which brings me to this: I’m thinking about starting a new blog that would be fusion of music and social media topics. As a musician and art lover, I feel like there would be plenty to write about, from music videos going viral, MySpace Music, American Idol-like competitions on YouTube, etc.

My question is, would people enjoy that? I really would like to find a space where I’d have plenty to contribute.

Thoughts? What social media/music sites do you already read? What would you like to see on a blog like this?



  1. Kevin B. said,

    Funny, I started at B.U. as a music major — classical guitar performance, but ultimately realized life as a classical guitarist might be more of a challenge than I was bargaining for (I was 17!). I ended up with a degree in marketing and minor in music. I still play and all my guitars are in my office, but I found PR as a way to make a living and I enjoy it!

    Anyway, to your question about music and social media; I think it’s a worthy effort if you actually integrate the social experience of sharing music and not just talking about it. And I’m not talking napster, but finding ways to bring people together with similar tastes to enjoy music together.

    I’ll be curious to see what you come up with! I’d be into it!

    Good luck!

  2. […] music, rebecca corliss tagged art, blog, music, rebecca corliss, Social Media at by Rebecca Corliss As I said a few weeks ago, I wanted to start a completely new blog. Make it social media + music related and […]

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