April 6, 2008

Sharing is caring. Should your friends be blogging?

Posted in blogging tagged , , at 10:10 pm by Rebecca Corliss

I’ve been a heavy duty advocate for anything social media for a few months now. But sadly, many of my friends just don’t get it.

They really misunderstand my blogging. And of all people, you’d think today’s young adult generation would appreciate the blogworld. Unfortunately, many college students and soon-to-be grads still compare blogging to that Xanga or LiveJournal they had as a freshman in high school.

It’s too bad. Blogs aren’t just for nerds or the Xanga-egocentric anymore. Blogs are about interesting THINGS.

But I’m not giving up hope. Thankfully, some young people — even those detached from the techie world — are starting to catch on. They’re understanding blogging can be useful. Perhaps fun!

Case in point: My dear friend Alessandra. She is one of the smartest girls I know: an academic to the tenth degree. She’s in a dual degree program here at BU, studying International Relations and Broadcast Journalism. Indeed, she is a nerd. But you wouldn’t really think of her as a blogger nerd.

Allie, after hearing all about my SM love, decided to join me in the blogosphere by authoring her own blog, A 20-something Spin on Global Affairs. She is THRILLED and says it’s a perfect outlet to express her frustration for foreign policy, troubling current events or even give her take on how to improve some problems going on overseas. It’s a smart site, and I’m really proud of her. Through her blog, she can share her great ideas with the world.

Long story short? Smart people who have good ideas shouldn’t keep them to themselves. ESPECIALLY young people. So enlighten us! What you got?


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  1. Alessandra said,

    “RepCor,” aka Becka in my life, has really been an inspiration to me in all facets of life, but most notably in developing as a PR professional. I didn’t study PR in undergrad, but Becka has given me great insights into advancing myself and setting myself apart in the field.

    I am so glad that I started my blog “A 20-Something Spin on Global Affairs” because it has given me an outlet to promote awareness, but also a forum for me to display my work.

    Becka’s personality is likely to get others to catch on–anyone who makes fun of her work or doesn’t take the time to understand it is clearly jealous. Becka has such a bright future and I am so glad that we can experience job searching and career building together.

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