April 30, 2008

Who said Twitter is nerdy?: A discourse between allergy-plagued Twitter-ers

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I thought I’d share this silly exchange between @skalik, @JamesConnors, @LaurieShuls and myself.

Plenty of people consider Twitter quite the nerdy medium, and I tend to disagree. Obviously only the coolest will engage in constant communication, sharing information freely at will. We are social! And social = awesome.

Are we nerdy? Hardly.

…It’s only coincidence that we also use Twitter to talk about our allergy problems and various remedies like nasal spray. Really. Coincidence.


Allergy Twitter Conversation Repcor


April 29, 2008

Podcast Projects: “Social Media Celebrity 101” + “Social Media Release”

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My social media PR class (and college as I know it) is almost over! One of my class’ final projects was a team podcast, and I thought I’d share my group’s work. It’s a pretty goofy and simple video on how to become a social media celebrity. It’s fun.

Also, here’s an example done by my classmate Pamela and her group. It’s a smart commentary on the Social Media Release, and I’m really impressed by the obvious thoughtfulness that went into their piece. Also, I thought including it might balance out the blatent sillyness of my group’s podcast. I think you’ll enjoy both.

My group’s project: “Social Media Celebrity 101”
(Try not to laugh at me too much. I’m a singer, not an actress.)

Pamela’s group’s project: “Advantages of the Social Media Release

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