March 25, 2008

Social Media is changing the news biz, thanks to “The Hills”

Posted in Social Media tagged , , , , at 2:54 pm by Rebecca Corliss

A very cool thing happened to me that furthers my belief that SM is the future of media relations, and to ignore this phenomenon would be a horrible mistake! So… why do I say this now?

Last night I was on Twitter and I noticed two of my friends having a conversation about the season premier of the wonderfully vapid show, “The Hills.” I piped in and said this:

repcor: @pamelump and @amandagravel the hills is my guilty pleasure. I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks.

A simple tweet, right?

Well! Immediately after, I got an e-mail from New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter, who said he was using Twitter Map to contact fans of “The Hills” for a blog post about the season 3 premier.

I responded right away (of course, after I had finished watching the show) and told him what I thought of it.

Here’s the result: You Decode: The Highlights of The Hills (New York Times Blog “TV Decorder”)

I’m the second quote from the top! (My friend Amanda Gravel has a comment two below me.)

The media is getting smarter, and I think Stelter’s idea was incredibly creative. He gave “normal people” the chance to offer their two cents while featuring a specific SM tool. Perhaps this was a collaboration with NYT and Twitter?

Either way, I think it’s fantastic and I am proud to have been a part of it!



  1. Laurie said,

    This is so exciting! You’re a rockstar!

  2. Rebecca Corliss said,

    Thank you so much. :) Yay, SM!

  3. Jake said,

    Aren’t you embarassed to admit that you watch the Hills. What if a potential employer finds out?

  4. Rebecca Corliss said,

    Ooh. That’s tough. Well, I’m fine if they find out. I already stated that I believe the show is incredibly vapid. And what I enjoy on TV is quite the narrow reflection of me. I think the fact I was able to get a quote in a highly read NYT blog overshadows the subject matter. It’s a TV show I enjoy. Not my life.

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