March 16, 2008

My NYC Trip. (Get it?)

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I want to thank all of the fantastic BU alums who hosted my PR group on our tour. I had a wonderful time and I learned a lot.

And now… a story for your entertainment purposes:
“A very unfortunate moment in NYC.”

The weekend before my PR agency tour, I visited one of my best friends on Long Island. Early, early Monday morning, I took a train up to Penn Station and met up with two other PR girls so we could go to our hotel, drop off our bags and start the exciting week. Both girls, each staying for three days only, had packed pretty light. However, I had packed for eight days and I was quite anxious to get rid of my 45 pound bag.

Knowing that we would have minimal time to get to the hotel and our first PR agency stop, all three of us already were dressed in our fancy diggs, including nice suit pants, heels, etc. Unfortunately, the trek to the hotel included three train connections, requiring us to go up and down approximately 40 billion flights of stairs in not-so-walkable shoes.

As I was walking down the final staircase, I noticed that my friends had gone ahead and gotten on a train that was now waiting on the platform. Trying to pick up the pace, I picked up my bag with two hands and started hustling down the stairs.

With four steps left, I tripped on my pantleg and crashed down each of the remaining stairs, finally collapsing onto the cement ground…. with a train-full of people as my audience. Terrified of being separated from my friends, I picked up my bag as quickly as I could, chanting “I’m a champ. I’m a champ,” to myself as I hobbled onto the train.

A half hour later, after dropping off our stuff, we got to the first stop of our tour. We met up with the rest of our group and my friends joked about my accident. Everyone got a good laugh.

Then my professor said, “Well, Rebecca. I guess you really fell for New York.”

Badum cha.

Anyhow. My week was fantastic. I’m taking my unfortunate fall as good luck. Karma always balances things out.

Here was our tour schedule:

Monday: Ketchum and Burson-Marsteller

Tuesday: G.S. Schwartz, Cohn & Wolfe and MTV
(followed by a BU networking night)

Wednesday: Showtime and Marina Maher

Good times.



  1. Laurie said,

    Oh no, I’m glad you’re OK! I trip in NY all the time… running in heels can be hazardous!

  2. Rebecca Corliss said,

    It’s very true. Thankfully (or unfortunately?), I have plenty of experience in post-trip recovery. But no worries. It made for a good story!

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