March 4, 2008

New media fame?

Posted in PR tagged , , at 7:00 pm by Rebecca Corliss

Well, you know it’s a good day when a celebrity links to your blog.

Maybe now is the time to mention that I am, indeed, in the market for a full-time job. I graduate in a few months, and I would love to work for a firm that is as enthusiastic about new media as I am. Boston and New York City would be my top two places to live, but I’m open. Anyone in Europe?

To use the term “snowball effect” to describe my personal experience with the social media world would be a dramatic understatement. I have met more amazing people in a matter of weeks than I could at friend-finder convention, just by puttering around the blogosphere. That’s huge!

Remind me again? How did people make friends before social media? I love it.

Anyhow. Thanks again, David!

(Soon to come: My social media resume.)

– Rebecca Corliss (RepCor)



  1. erinshizuewilliams said,

    What has been the most beneficial measure you have taken to develop your experience with blogs? I’m still struggling a little with my class blog and and tips would be very much appreciated!

    Also, I’ve never heard to a social media resume. I’m intrigued and look forward to reading more about it.

    Good luck with the job search!

  2. repcor said,

    Hi there,

    Are you looking to enhance your blog writing skills? Or maybe better understand blogs in general? What is it specifically that you’re struggling with?

    I would say the best first step would be to read tons of blogs. Lots of them. This will help you in two ways: 1) You get a good sense of what other people are saying about your blog topic and 2) Perhaps you find a few blog posts that you might want to comment on, or reference and link to later.

    Either way, you slowly get to know these other bloggers. These people will inevitably get to know you (if you comment/link). Readers of those other blogs will see your comments, and might go visit your blog too. Eventually your blog traffic will increase.

    As far as a social media resume, this is a pretty new concept to me too. It’s essentially a web site that includes links to all of your web presence. (blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Technorati Favorites,, etc.)

    I’d post an example here, but I’m not sure people would like me throwing their resumes around. But you’ll find a bunch if you google it.

    Whats the link to your blog? I’d love to check it out!


  3. erinshizuewilliams said,

    That is some helpful advice.

    There is a lot of information out there on how to write engaging blog posts, but not a lot on how to get people to actually read your blog. Your advice about reading other people’s blogs and getting to know them that way is helpful.

    So far, I’ve learned that nothing increases hits like new content.

    I’ll be sure to check out some social media resumes. Although, my web presence isn’t what you would call strong. At least not yet.

    You can find my blog at this address,

    Thanks again for the advice!


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