March 4, 2008

New Media Campaign @ Ictus!

Posted in PR tagged , , at 1:08 am by Rebecca Corliss

My dream is coming true! After meeting with my PR boss and Ictus’ president, my company agrees that a new media plan is a good idea! I have the freedom to start organizing all new media initiatives for my first client, all by myself. Her name is Marsha Egan, and she’s an e-mail productivity expert.

(Check out my latest news release on Marsha Egan)

Marsha is the perfect client for my online PR campaign, and my first task was setting up her accounts so she can start making an impact. So, today I…

>>Set up her RSS for her blog and toyed with the links/format a bit.

>>Set up her Technorati account

>>Updated her LinkedIn

>>Made her account. (Which was QUITE time consuming. She has a lot of hits on the Web. Check it out: — It’s not done yet, but that’s some serious progress.

>>I have some more work to do on getting her Facebook and Digg account going. And I’d love to get her on Twitter. I must say, Twitter is quite addicting.

>>I also made her an iGoogle page to keep track of all her technology/e-mail productivity blogs so she’s more aware of what’s going on and can start “engaging in conversations,” as Mr. David Meerman Scott would say.

Speaking of which, he came to my New Media PR class the other day to speak and was absolutely fantastic. He’s a very smart guy. If you ever need any new media inspiration, look no further.

So that’s about it. Everything is moving along quite smoothly.

– Rebecca Corliss (RepCor)



  1. Congrats on getting the go ahead on the new media plan. It should be a fun project. But don’t forget, after you do a plan, you will need to implement the ideas you suggest.


  2. repcor said,

    Thanks so much! — And so true. It will be an exciting process.

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