March 3, 2008

Political Excitement!

Posted in obama, politics tagged , , at 10:16 pm by Rebecca Corliss

In honor of tomorrow’s very exciting political primary, I thought I might do some blog catch up with a post about my own political involvement with the Obama campaign.

Here is the NECN video from the Obama Visibilty event on Monday, February 4. I was the volunteer “media organizer.” I contacted all the local Boston TV stations and papers. And I must say, once the cameras started showing up to the event, I was quite the happy camper. Check out the footage:

Lastly, why not gloat some of my own fame? This is the MSNBC footage of the Obama Rally after the New Hampshire Primary. I’m the incredibly excited girl with the black t-shirt and glasses sitting on Obama’s left shoulder.

That night was the coolest experience. In a nutshell– I helped a little old lady through a snowbank. We introduced ourselves, and I discovered she was a former NH senator. We chatted for a bit, and she asked me to sit with her. She chose a seat where “she was sure to see Obama.” This spot was directly behind the podium…. in front of 20+ network TV cameras. Needless to say, that was a very cool night.

Anyhow. I think it’s quite obvious what I would like to happen tomorrow. Regardless, I am very proud of my personal impact on political history.

– Rebecca Corliss (RepCor)


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