February 10, 2008

Welcome and introduction

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Hey there. Welcome to the lovely first entry of my personal blog, hopefully covering what I’m doing at school, work and whatever else. The purpose of this blog is to keep whoever may be interested in reading about my life– hopefully an audience that includes more than just my Mom –updated on what I’m up to and the trouble I’m causing. Just kidding.

I’m nicknaming myself RepCor (a play on my full name, Rebecca Corliss). Why? I like how it sounds. It adds an “edge,” I think.

A quick about me: I’m currently a Boston University senior, graduating this May. (Wee!) I’m studying PR, and I like it… a lot. Right now I work at a publicist at a small publishing company.

Other stuff? I’m a singing fool. Music places among my top three favorite things ever. I sing in an all-female a cappella group at BU called Chordially Yours, so you’ll probably hear plenty about that.

I author another blog as well, called Boston Comments. It’s a collection of pop culture items, ideas and observations all related to Boston. It’s brand, brand new and not much is there yet, but I plan to update it regularly and really get it going. So check that out too.

However, this blog is all about my life. I plan to be quite casual. No cover letter-style writing allowed, regardless that many of the topics will cover my various accomplishments. I simply want people to get a better understanding about me–as a student, a professional and a person.

Aww. That’s probably the cheesiest one liner I’ve ever thought of. Nice work, RepCor.

I’ll leave you with this.

– Rebecca Corliss (RepCor)