May 7, 2008

New social media + music blog! Be my friend and subscribe?

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As I said a few weeks ago, I wanted to start a completely new blog. Make it social media + music related and completely awesome. Well… so far so good. The url is

Super easy subscriber link.

This is where I shamelessly ask all my lovely, lovely subscribers to sign up for my new blog. It has a much prettier design and will be 5 billion times better than this blog ever was, I promise.

And if you don’t feel like subscribing, at least go check it out. I’d really like your feedback to make sure it’s useful, fun and successful.

Thank you, everyone!


April 30, 2008

Who said Twitter is nerdy?: A discourse between allergy-plagued Twitter-ers

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I thought I’d share this silly exchange between @skalik, @JamesConnors, @LaurieShuls and myself.

Plenty of people consider Twitter quite the nerdy medium, and I tend to disagree. Obviously only the coolest will engage in constant communication, sharing information freely at will. We are social! And social = awesome.

Are we nerdy? Hardly.

…It’s only coincidence that we also use Twitter to talk about our allergy problems and various remedies like nasal spray. Really. Coincidence.


Allergy Twitter Conversation Repcor

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